Wild Carrot Hairwork

Art, Commissioned Keepsakes, & Fine Jewelry Findings For The Hairworker

Hello, My name is Brenda Zak. I am a professional Bench Jeweler with an obsession for functional jewelry containing human hair keepsakes. A self taught hairbender who loves the traditional look of Victorian hairwork.  I am delighted to work with you in creating a keepsake you can treasure forever.

How long does the hair need to be?
Each type of hairwork requires different lengths. I am happy to discuss options for whatever amount of hair you have. Including a photo of the hair with something for size reference when you contact me is helpful.
How long will it take?
8-12 Weeks
How much does it cost?
This can vary greatly depending on complexity of design and technique. I can work with you to fit any budget and will provide a quote before any work is started. From $100 to several thousand $, I am able to work in all precious metals, and can source both affordable gems and exquisite quality rare gems.
How do I pay?
I ask for a 50% deposit before work begins with the remaining balance due upon completion but, before shipping.
Will I get any remaining hair back?
Yes, if you request it up front. 
Do you work with other organic materials or relics?
Absolutely! I have also worked with horse hair, cat and dog hair, rabbit fur, cremains, and teeth. I am up for most anything.  
Do you do restorations?
Yes! I am happy to give you a quote for repair, restoration, or preservation of most hairwork styles.  I can also custom cut  and shape glass for replacement in hair jewelry including lockets, pendants, broaches, and rings. 
How do I start?
Simply contact me here with your ideas and questions. Feel free to include any reference photos.

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