Hello, My name is Brenda Zak. I am a self taught hairbender who loves the traditional look of Victorian hairwork.  I am delighted to work with you in creating a keepsake you can treasure forever. I always have a collection of re-purposed antique jewelry and frames on hand to choose from. I am also happy to recommend sources where you can find the perfect piece to house your hairwork.

How long does the hair need to be?
Each type of hairwork requires different lengths. There is something that can be made out of any length or amount of hair. Pallet work is suitable for very small amounts of hair or less than 4 inches of length. Some weaving and wreath work can be done with 4-6 inches of hair. More extensive wreath work and any table braided piece requires at least 6 inches or more of length.  I am happy to discuss options for whatever amount of hair you have. 
How long will it take?
I ask for two weeks for most designs. For more extensive work, I will communicate a timeline and give frequent updates.
How much does it cost?
This can vary greatly depending on the findings and time it takes to create. I can work with you to fit any budget and will provide a quote before any work is started.
How do I pay?
I accept Venmo, Credit Cards via Square, Paypal, or Checks
Will I get leftover hair back?
Yes, if you request it up front. 
Do you work with other materials?
Absolutely! I have also worked with horse hair, cat hair, rabbit fur, cremains, and teeth. I am up for most anything.  
Do you do restorations?
Yes! I am happy to repair/restore most all hairwork styles.  I can also custom cut glass for replacement in hair jewelry including lockets, pendants, broaches, and rings. 
How do I start?
Simply contact me here with your ideas and questions.

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